Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Book Review- Capturing Wildlife Moments in India

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Capturing Wildlife Moments in India is a Book by Ashok Mahindra of The Hem Chand Mahindra Foundation. The book contains 120 photographs of animals and birds of India, photographed from visits to more than 30 parks, sanctuaries and other locations. It is being published by Oxford University Press (OUP) & Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS).
It takes a lot of patience, observation and proficiency to capture the beauty of nature. The situation becomes quite challenging when someone needs to capture the wildlife moments.  The photographer has to be consistent while capturing the images. Capturing Wildlife Moments in India has done a great justice by capturing mind blowing photographs of the animals, birds, flora and fauna and many other priceless and uncommon moments of a wild life.
The book very well explains the camera and shooting techniques which the photographer had used to take photographs. Capturing Wildlife Moments in India also explains the journey and experiences of the photographer while capturing the nature in his lenses. The images taken by the photographer are intriguing and gives a feel of being present at the site. The book has some fascinating and breath taking photos, patterns and colours from the forests.
In-depth, very informative and occasionally very technical texts accompanied by formidable, unique images. The book is an absolute must for those interested in macro and micro photography.
The book also has many trip experiences and suggestions and  photography tips which are quite useful for those who are inclined towards photography. The book stands out from other books on the theme on account of inclusion of segments on not so common species like mudskipper, malabar gliding frog and many more species. 
One can also get the best travel advice and can also know about some interesting places to stay while taking photographs of the wildlife. The book contains each and every detail of the events and photography techniques. It has also been beautifully illustrated. Its elegant cover design makes the most of the author's incredible photos and informative text. The book discusses about  all the aspects of digital wildlife photography, from equipment, field craft, locations and composition and computer manipulation of the photos , through to getting your photos published which hooks the readers till the end. In an age of dwindling green spaces and many wild life species heading towards extinction a good book on wildlife photography is always welcomed. It will help to educate those who are not fortunate enough to witness nature from such close quarters and kindle the need for conservation of Nature.  

Over all the book is a must read for everyone.
My rating for the book is 4.5/5
The book will be available at most of the major retail outlets across India and also through online retail sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.It will also be available for sale through the BNHS website and is priced at Rs.1450"
 "This post is a part of the book review program of at Saevus Wildlife India in association with The Hemchand Mahindra Foundation for the book Capturing Wildlife Moments in India" 


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