Sunday, 10 May 2015

My Mother is My Strength

The Almighty has bestowed us with one of his best creations- Mother. It is rightly said that mother is a form of God who is with us at every walk of our life. Mother is a very special word, she is one of the loveliest forms of God.
The motherhood does wonders. It is not only in humans but within animals too,a  mother never hesitate to do something for her children. No love is stronger than a mother's love. A mother's love for her child can not be compared with any other love. It knows no law, no pity and always ready to make sacrifices. 
I still remember when in school, my mother would wake up early and prepare my lunchbox. She would make sure to make my lunchbox more presentable. She would buy me beautiful dresses with matching shoes and hair clips. I used to feel so proud of her when everyone would appreciate her.
When I grew up and used to wake up late nights for studies. She would always come in my room with my favourite hot chocolate milk and cookies so that I could study peacefully.
 A mother would not eat but makes sure that her child sleeps with full stomach, although she would feel ill but never let her child suffer. 
No matter, how many problems I face in life, my mother has always a solution for my every problems.
 If you want to know what the true love is, just look at your mother. All that I hope or hope to be, I owe to my mother.
The latest memory which I had with my mothers is of teacher's day. My mother is my role model, She is a great teacher and since my childhood I would observe her and her teaching skills. She is the person who had rekindled my passion of being a teacher. So my first job was of a French Teacher and that too in the same school where my mother has been teaching. 
Each year I would see my mother celebrating teacher's day, getting beautiful gifts and cards from her children, I always wished to experience the same thing. This time, because of my mother my dream of becoming a teacher came true. She guided me in every step and last year I had a great time celebrating teacher's day with her. We both went for a movie and then for the lunch. It felt great when the students who my mother had taught in the primary segment is now my students. 
Being the only child of my parents, I am a very pampered kid. My parents make sure to fulfill every wish of mine and I make sure to share every single thing with my parents.
My mother and me share many things in common. For Example- We both love shopping, on the other hand my father is not very fond of shopping. My mother makes sure that I would look the best. Hence it gives me amazing pleasure to go for shopping with my mom. We would wander for hours and enjoy the local food feeling refreshed and content.
One more thing I love doing with my mom and that is home decoration. We can be the best of interior decorators at times. My mom always comes up with great and innovative ideas for decorating the place. She loves get together. She also loves cooking good food for everyone. I have always seen her giving without any expectation.
There are many qualities I have inherited from my mother and I she means a lot to me!My Mom taught me to write, to speak, to stand against injustice, to be kind, to be helpful, to be ready for making sacrifices and most importantly she taught me to be a good human being.  
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