Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Features of My Airtel App

Gone are those days when mobile was only used for the calling purpose. People would only use their mobiles to make urgent calls as the mobile bills were quite expensive. With the change in time and technology, there has been vast improvement in the mobile industry. Simple mobile phones were   replaced by fancy coloured mobile phones and gradually smart phones and Android dominated the mobile industry.
With the improvement in the network industry and with advancement of technology, the networking and service sector has come up with many innovative and amazing ideas which benefit the customers in a huge way. It has increased the convenience of the customers. To complement the smart phones and Android, one of the very famous networks provides named as Airtel has launched one of the best available applications known as My Airtel App which has made life of the people much simpler. As per the track record of the Company, it has always remained in the forefront when it comes to providing different kinds of service to its customers.
My Airtel App has been developed keeping in view the varied requirements of different category of users. The features introduced in the My Airtel App are mind blowing:
1.       Make Payment- Whenever we try to make payment  online using  our mobile phones we are  quite  doubtful and apprehensive whether the payment gateway is secure or not . With My Airtel App one does not have to worry on this account. Transferring money through My Airtel App is as secure as it can be and one need not have to worry on one’s account getting hacked or misuse of credit or debit card information. I can make payment from anywhere around the world. It is a totally safe and secured app when it comes to making online payment.
2.       Track your data usage- Now the customers can easily track their usage of data. The app offers many facilities to its customers such as Real time data tracking, a personalized user experience, store card details so that the customers can check the details instantly.
3.       Free Surprises- One of the greatest features of My Airtel App is that the application can be used by both prepaid as well as post paid users. In fact every time the phone is recharged, the users will receive pleasant surprise coupons which can be redeemed across various popular brands like PVR Cinemas, CafĂ© Coffee Day,,,, Archies, VLCC, and many other well known and popular brands.

Apart from the above features, the app offers many other great features such as entertainment, games, and pre recorded programmes and many more. The customers can check out these wonderful features at My Airtel App.

Nowadays, Internet has occupied a very important place in our lives. We are handicapped without internet. More than half of our activities depend on the internet. My Airtel App plays a major role in offering the best internet service to its customers at reasonable and competitive rates.
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