Friday, 12 June 2015

Beauty Tips by Me

 The World is changing, so our lives.   We are highly getting affected by   increase in work pressure, exam pressure, social and psychological tensions.  Lucky are those who find time for themselves and their family. The stressful lives of ours have also led a huge impact on our health.  In the rat race, we are forgetting that the biggest asset lies within us and that is our health. Our health is just like an engine of our lives. If it gets down, everything comes to an halt.
Apart from our stressful lives, we are also adopting unhealthy eating habits. We don’t take a proper 8 hours sleep which is essential for everyone and increase in pollution and adulteration has affected our skin and internal organs. Its impact can be clearly seen:
·         Pimples, Dark spots , Rashes.
·         Early aging
·         Skin infection  
·         Dark circles under the eyes.

There are many other skin problems apart from these problems mentioned below.  Our skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body.  One should take extra care of it or it can cause major problems which would shake our confidence and it may also give
 I still remember my childhood and the wonderful advertisement of VICCO Turmeric Cream. That is the only product which has continued to grow because of it is chemical free and made of natural nutrients.
Instead of buying cosmetics skin products, I prefer natural and chemical free ingredients. My skin is  very important for me and I would not sacrifice with my skin products. Here are some of the natural home skin care remedies and tips which I have been following since my teen school days:
·         Drink plenty of water- Drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water which helps in detoxification and helps your skin glow.
·         Prefer fruits and dairy products in your Breakfast – I would always prefer to start my day with healthy diet instead of fried and food which are rich in calories. I always start my day with a plate full of fruits and a glass of milk. This will increase blood circulation and will bring a natural glow to your skin.
·         Prefer homemade mask and pack- Instead of using those chemical products for face scrubbing; always use a homemade pack for your face.  My favourite skin mask is of rice and milk which I apply every alternate day on my skin. This has removed all the dead skins and black heads and my skin looks fresh and healthy.
·         Have a good night’s sleep- Sleep is very essential for everyone. One should have a minimum 8 hours of sleep at the night. Our skin functions better when we take a proper sleep at night. So keep aside your smart phones and any other work and have a lovely and sweet sleep.
·         Apply "VICCO Turmeric Cream" – This is the one of the oldest products in the market. The product has gained trust of many consumers because of its high quality. It is not a cosmetic and a chemical free product which helps dealing with all kind of skin problems.

We follow the above steps regularly, I am sure within a few days, we would say bye to all over skin problems. 


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