Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Problems of Adolescents

The human being has to pass through various developmental stages. Each stage has its own characteristics which differ from stage to stage.  Various psychologists have divided the human development into different stages:
Infancy – 1 to 3 years
Early Childhood- 3 to 6 years
Later Childhood- 6 to 12 years
Adolescence – 12 to 18 years
Emotions occupy an important place in the life of adolescents. With the development of adolescence, their emotions become unstable. The child becomes keener and curious about various factors. They show different and unusual responses in various situations which are at time very surprising.
I was going through an article at the website of Reward me. I was pretty inspired by the article   5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids  which wonderfully tells the readers, how to handle the children , especially when they are in the adolescence phase.
The tips and advises given by the experts are very well explained. It can provide a huge help to those parents and teachers who are having difficulty in handling their child’s / student’s behaviour.
There are various other tips mentioned at the site of Reward Me which are miraculously awesome.
As far as I know, adolescence is the period of stress and strain. It has been endorsed by many famous philosophers as the most difficult period of any person’s life. The changes which occur during these periods are very intense Adolescents, sometimes get upset due to these changes. Consequently they experience many problems and many inferiority complexes arise within them.
There are certain types of problems which have been detected amongst adolescents:
·      Problem of adjustments with opposite sex
·      Individual Differences
·      Problem of adjustment in Family
·      Problem Regarding emotional adjustment
·      Problem of adjustment in society.
Since the needs of the child multiply, it is natural that his/her problems also increase proportionally. Special education and extra care is required in order to handle the problems of your child.
A child/ Adolescent should be given the facilities of physical education, library, moral and religious education and much more.
The parents should assign them with some responsible tasks and provide time to time motivation to boost up their confidence.

As a teacher, every day I have to deal with students of different age groups and I find it most difficult to handle students who are in this stage.  The article “5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids” is one of the most useful articles I have ever read which would definitely help me as a teacher to understand their emotions and feelings. It would provide me a direction and it would increase the coordination between me and my students.

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