Monday, 29 June 2015

Yogic Diet

Many people believe that the human body is made of soil and dust but The Indian School of Philosophy says that the human body is not merely made of soil or dust. It also has a soul in it and without the soul, the body has no meaning and it is not worth.
Man has made a huge progress in every walk of life. What we have achieved and accomplished could not be imagined at the earlier period but in the rat race of accomplishment, we are ignoring the most essential thing and that is our body and peace of mind.
Today we can claim that we are educated and modern but we are not genuinely happy from inside. The use of slipping tablets, tranquilizers have increased tremendously. These drugs are in vogue in our modern society. The youth is led to the path of disgrace and self destruction.  
Longing for material wealth has hardened our heart. Human values are declining. Competitions,  work pressure and many other  desires have made our lives stressful . Stress and strain are the major cause of heart, mental and other health problems. It can led to severe diseases like diabetes, cancer , migraine , high blood pressure and many more harmful ailments.
Yoga Has The Surest Remedy
Yoga can be considered as way to Nirvana which has come for enduring many hardships. It is a way to freedom from painful shackles. Early Upnishads, Gita and Yoga sutras of Patanjali are universally accepted as constituting the verbal foundation of the Yoga tradition.
Yoga means Union of human soul with the supreme soul also known as Purush Vishesh. It is a process which librates the bondages of Maya (attachment to worldly things). There is no other bond stronger than the bond of Maya. But there is no other power greater than the Almighty and Yoga to destroy the powerful bond of Maya.
The Power of the Mind
The purer the mind, free from thoughts, the easier it is to control it. The Gunas mostly control the human mind which mainly depends on the food we eat. The food is of three kinds:
·       Sattivika
·       Rajasika
·       Tamsika
As long as Rajasika and Tamsika control the mind, it is not possible to bring the mind under our control.  An aspirant mainly takes a pure Sattivika vegetarian food like nilk, dairy products, vegetables , grains etc and avoids Tamsika food such as meat, fish, alcohol. A Rajasika food is allowed casually to everyone.  
The ancient books on yoga tell us that such food would obstruct and destroy physical, mental and emotional balance and equanimity should not be taken. Rajasika (Lustful) and Tamsika(vicious) food produces undesirable effects on the mind. Yoga is a path to control body and mind and so it is natural that Rajasika and Tamsika food items have no place in the diet of an aspirant who practices yoga.

In short, those who practices yoga should take simple and nourishing food in less quantity.
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