Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A Balanced Diet

What is a Balanced Diet?
Since our childhood we have been hearing that it is essential to maintain a balanced diet but what exactly is a perfect balanced diet?
Having a balanced diet does not mean that you stop eating and start dieting.  It also doesn’t mean that you survive on only fruits and raw vegetables.
A balanced diet is one that provides your body with proper amount of nutrients so that it functions in a proper manner. A balanced diet helps in strengthening your immune system and you will get less prone to all disease and ailment.     In order to get truly balanced nutrition, one should opt for a  healthy diet. He/she should obtain the majority of his/her daily calories from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.
A balanced diet not only keeps you healthy but it also makes you energetic and active. It keeps our body and mind stable and healthy. A balanced diet is very important for our tissues and organs which constantly need nutrients. Having food rich in calories and fat is not always good. It not only results in weight gain but  also gives rise to many disease and ailment such as heart problem, cholesterol, Thyroid etc.
To avoid these diseases, a balanced diet is a must for every human being. Intake of fresh vegetables , fruits, grains and other food rich in nutrients play  a very important role in fighting disease.
Nowadays people have become weight conscious. They intake large amount of unhealthy food and then resort to crash diet without knowing the fact that crash diet is not a solution to their weight problem. It has a very harmful impact on the body of the individual.  Crash diet results in loss of many nutrients from our body which are essential for forming tissues and organs.
Excessive intake of fat is not good for our body but having certain quantity of fat in our body  is good for our bones and muscles. Crash dieting results in loss of fat from our body and we become weak. Our skin becomes pale.
Crash dieting not only reduces weight in a short time but also it causes loss of many healthy nutrients from our body.  Crash dieting , without any expert advice can cause serious damage to our body, skin or hair. You may lose weight but you will also become weak. It reduces the en energy level and results in anxiety, tiredness and depression.
A healthy diet includes a proper diet chart which tells the proper amount of meal should be taken at proper time. This not only helps in keeping us fit but also healthy.
One of the essential part of a balanced diet is Honey which is good for our skin, hair and eyes. A little intake of honey in the morning with water and lemon can keep you fit and fine.


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