Saturday, 4 July 2015

Buddy Parenting

Parenting is a huge responsibility and as a parent it is the most difficult task for the parents is to shape their child into the kind of person they would like them to be. Parenting is a sheer bliss from God but with blessings there is also a huge responsibility. It is a lifelong process.  No matter what is the age of the person, for parents he/she always remains a child.
There have been many cases where the child feel alone and restless. It mostly happens when there are hormonal changes inside the child. This phase of childhood is known has adolescence.
Every child has different personality.  Personality of a child depends on  the aspect of a child’s character that they show to other people, especially when their real character is different.
Emotions occupy a very important place in the life of a child and parents  have to tackle the different flows of emotions in their child.
A child needs love and care.  In the growing phase of a child, he/she needs  the utmost support of their parents.  I have seen many parents scolding and hitting their child to make them do some work. But scolding and shouting at them is not a solution to any problem. This will only make the child submissive and he/she would treat   his/her parents as enemy.
A child goes through various stages and types of emotions such as unstable emotions. Due to unstable emotions, a child feel restless and   upset frequently. There are other different types of emotions like strength emotions, sharing emotions and many more.
Buddy parenting plays a very important role to increase the bond between the child and the parents. Buddy parenting will bring the child close to the parents. I always believe in buddy parenting as during this stage a child is likely to have conflicts and arguments with parents. These conflicts arise in one or the other form. If the parents restrict their independence and impose their own wishes on them, they would become rebellion.
A child is a part of social group. It is through the feeling of self assertion that they attract the attentions of others.  They can only open to their parents if they treat them as their friends. This would also help in removing the barrier and age gap between the parents and a child.

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  1. Very well articulated, Shonali. Best of luck for the contest.

    Here’s my take on the Khuljaye Bachpan campaign. I wrote about nephews, and I had so much to write, I wrote three posts! :D

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