Sunday, 5 July 2015

Engage in the Innocence of Love

Motherhood is that phase of life which makes a woman complete. After all the labour pain and carrying the baby for nine months, the moment the baby is handed to the mother , she experiences an unique joy of completeness and contentment.  I experienced the same pleasure of motherhood. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks when my little angel was handed to me. My husband and I shared the same feeling when we saw our baby girl. That day, my husband and I promised our baby that as parents we would take care of her at every walk of life. We would never leave her alone and we made sure  to keep her away from agonies and negative things.  Since then, I take care of my baby. As a mother, I am her shield and I easily know about her likes and dislikes.

My baby is very close to me and we share some precious moments with each other. My tiredness and fatigue disappears in a minute when I see my baby smiling at me.  There are certain things which I regularly follow to make sure that my baby feels energetic and fresh.
One of the best ways to spend time with your babies is giving them oil massage. This will also benefit the baby as well as it will increase the bonding with parents and the baby.  A proper oil massage at the right time of the age  is very important, the parents will get to learn many things about their baby. This is will also avoids waste of time.
Apart from these benefits, baby oil massage also has many advantages for the baby. One must make sure that the quality of oil should be good. As everything has chemical, one must buy Dabur baby massage oil. The product is absolutely genuine and made of natural ingredients.
The baby oil massage stimulates the nervous system. It plays a great role in taking care of the nervous system of the child by improving the 4 areas, which are:
·         Nervous system
·         Circulatory system
·         Respiratory System
·         Elimination System
·         Immune System

The baby oil massage also helps in brain and muscle development of the child. The bones of the baby become stronger and it will also improves the immune system of the baby.
I always prefer Dabur Baby oil massage. The almonds, olives and many natural ingredients present in the oil is good for my baby. I make sure to give my baby a massage everyday.

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