Saturday, 29 August 2015


Author : N.S. Ravi
Publisher: Frog Books
             Price:       195 INR                  

N.S. Ravi belongs to that genre of authors who have seen the Country grow on different fronts from the post Independence period.  He is a keen observer who has witnessed the changes brought about in various fields due to technological developments and policy innovations by the Government. It is interesting to observe that what kind of impact technological progress has brought about in the lifestyles of the people, be it in the area of aviation , train travel or modes of surface transport ,sports , branding and many more. Likewise, the author has also mentioned about    many sectors which were hitherto reserved exclusively for the Government sector were gradually thrown open for private entrepreneurs and subsequently MNCs.
Another very interesting narration is about the growth in the telecommunication sector. Our Country has come a long way from the time when one had to wait for ages for a telephone connection. The situation in the past would be very interesting for the present generation who may not be aware how telephone was considered then as a status symbol.  It is a well known fact that after the internet was introduced; it has brought about a kind of revolution in the telecommunication sector.
A very interesting chapter is about the changes in the world of music.  Talking about entertainment, one cannot forget the impact television has brought about in every Indian home.  With the   dish antennas, the TV channels are now accessible in the remotest parts of the Country.
When talking about the impact of technological progress on the Indian homes, how can one forget about the advancement in the everyday gadgets used in the homes?   The author has mentioned about some of these gadgets like calculator, type writer, camera, AC etc which were not affordable for an average Indian living in the cities and towns at one point of time as they are today.  It is interesting to note that some of these gadgets had a short shelf life and some remained popular  for longer duration.
The author has also covered many other aspects experienced by him over a period of time on the subjects of astrology, banks, property, pets and many more.
The author on account of his profession both while working in the Government as well as outside the Government had an opportunity to travel extensively to many Countries of the World. He has had a wide international exposure which he has narrated in the book in comparison to the Indian situation. It helps the reader to assess where we stand Vis-a- Vis the international scenario.   
 The wide experience he has gained helps him to connect very well with the reader on a one to one basis.  His style of writing is lucid and intriguing and keeps the reader captivated.
 The main objective of the book is to enlighten the present generation on how India has progressed over a period of time in different areas.  The author has managed very well to give a strong message to the youth of the Nation about gradual but steady progress the Country has made over the years in every field. Hence, he wants every youth to be aware about the phenomenal growth the Country has made so that they feel proud to be an Indian.
The book is one of its kind as it gives a holistic perspective of the extensive progress by our Country in the post Independence period.  I strongly feel that book is a must read for not only the youth but for every kind of reader. 

My Rating for the Book - 4.5/5 
The book is available on and


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