Saturday, 29 August 2015

Unlocking the Mysteries of Life

The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a fact which we have to experience.  Where do people go after their extinction, what we are made of, and the most importantly why must all living things die in the first place? We believe that everything has a soul and some of us are perplexed what is the soul of a person look like? Does it have any form or feeling?  
A lot of ceremonies and rituals are performed when someone departs from the World.  These ceremonies and rituals are conducted for the salvation of the soul of the deceased person.  These rituals have been effectuated since the ages of our ancestors.  Some of the rituals have a scientific reason and some of them are based on our beliefs.  I realized that the intention of performing these rituals is the love and attachment for that person. We do as much as we can to free the person from all the pain and sufferings from the birth and death.
One thing I have noticed, birth and death are both painful things.  We come and leave the World with discomfort and torment.   At the time of birth, a child comes into the World with a lot of difficulty and when the time comes, he/she leaves the World with same difficulty and pain.
Indeed, death is a grand mystery and no one has able to solve this mystery. Throughout time, every major religion, philosophy, and spiritual train of thought has sought to explain this mystery but no one has come to a proper conclusion. It is a subject that touches the life of every man and woman, uniting the entire human race under a cloud of inevitable mortality. The rich and the poor alike meet the same end; the black and the white both go to the grave; the powerful and the humble all leave this planet eventually.
But one thing can be clearly seen from our circle of life, the Almighty or the universe has made everyone equal. The fact of universe is far above all the philosophies and conclusions drawn by the mankind.    Whether a person is rich or poor has to go though the same phases of life which starts from the birth and ends at the death.
Human body has been very scientifically designed. Once the body of a person stops working, the person dies.  Science has made a huge progress. Doctors fight each day to save the life of their patients but with who are the fighting with?
How does death look like, nobody knows till date.  The mystery of death is so profound that, despite the millennial of religious doctrine, mythology, scientific research, and the many theories and explanations that exist on the subject, people today are more confused than ever about it.  

It has been mentioned in our mythologies  that the eternal soul is never slain is being confirmed by its freedom from the six changes of material existence being: birth, existence, growth, modification, decay and death which are controlling all living entities high and low in the material existence. The Supreme Lord by declaring the eternal soul is not born confirms the absence of any birth and by declaring the eternal soul does not die confirms the absence of any destruction.
There are certain things which I want to know about the soul of a person. Does it really exist? If yes, does it have any form? Is it just an energy which keeps our body moving or there is an external power which keeps us going?
sometimes, I feel what if one day, man discover these mysteries of death and birth. Will they manipulate that too?  
We must learn the fact that nothing is permanent in the World.  Everything has its end. Once we accept this fact, there will be no sorrows and destruction in the World. That is the ultimate stage of attaining salvation.  
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