Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Answer a simple question and win an autographed copy of Those were the Days by N.S. Ravi.
 Here's the Question
According to you, In which sphere , India has made a dramatic development? Leave your answers in the comment box below with the appropriate reason.  
The best answer will be chosen will be awarded the autographed copy of the book.
Last date for submitting  your entry is 25th September 2015.


  1. I think it should be the sphere of awareness. With half of the country now under internet's power and most of them having digital devices, there is a spread of info at a rapid pace that is being consumed. So even if they are right or wrong -biased, stereotypical, logical/illogical, or whatever they may, the good part is they have started to talk. So out of all the negative thinks i can mention still, here's a light from the end of the tunnel.

  2. aeronautics engineering. from foreign help to own manufactured satelite. and the hugh success of MOM . speaks lot of the development in this space. @kcds Dr.Priyaranjan Mohan

  3. India is a democratic and a secular country..Freedom for me is freedom from the clutches of religion..we have RAM in RAMZAN and ALI in how can religion divide us..We have only one religion that is HUMANITY..i feel india has made tremendous development in sports where we can expect our players to win many Olympic medals in future..Sports has made the world into a small global has narrowed the division between poor n rich where we pat our players irrespective of religion..the friendly matches between INDIA and PAKISTAN reveal the sense of friendship in let us join hands to make india the powerful nation in the world, the VISION 2020 by DR APJ ABDUL KALAM...BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN YOUR COUNTRY...JAI HIND

  4. I think it must be in filmy sphere. Yes! A lot of improvement has been done in sphere of films. Not only from black and white screen to colourful screen but also the way of showing and conveying films have been improved so much. In todays,Indian films have been famous all over the globe. Many foreigners have been captivated by Indian films and have started taking interest in it and in Indian cultures.

  5. Thank you all for participating in the contest. Your views were beautiful and all of you deserve to be a winner. However the format of the contest limits the winner to only one person. After carefully going through the marvelous comments provided by all of you, the team has selected the name of Vikas HHH as the winner of this contest. Thanking each of you individually for participating in the contest and looking forward to your continue interest in future as well.. Congratulations to the winner!


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