Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Take a Smile

Happiness is a pure bliss. It is one of the most wonderful feelings in the World.  For me, happiness is the peace of mind.  When I am at peace, I feel happy.  There are times when I feel low. Spate of emotions and negative thoughts keep running inside my mind and if I do not overcome these emotions, it affects my life.
For the last few days, I have been going through a rough patch. Plethora of worries was attacking my peace of mind. The best thing to reduce stress is to share with your friends so I decided to talk to my best friend Nikita and pour my heart out. So she decided to play a game (not exactly a game) where we spoke about things which make us happy.  It worked like a magic for me after thinking about all the positive things. I never knew that I have so much of positivity around me.

Here is the list of things that truly make me happy and beam with joy:
Talking to my friends on phone
This is something which I like since my college days. I can talk for hours on phone (obviously the conversation has to be interesting).  There are times when I had talk to people for 5 hours. I love late night conversation, especially when it is raining and I with my friends doing some nonsense yet refreshing talks.

 Planning a vacation with family- I love exploring new places with my family. I always make sure to plan a trip once a year.   I think travelling is the best way to rediscover oneself and nothing teaches me better than travelling. 

I love taking photos- well well!! I am not a professional photographer, I do not have a DSLR either but I love it when someone takes my pictures and they come out good.  I love uploading photos on social networking sites.  If you are in my whatsapp friend list, you will definitely know that how frequently I change my photos.  Lol

Getting Flowers- Who doesn’t like flowers? I love it when I someone even gives me a single rose. Flowers have the power to change my mind. That’s why we say that all flowers keep the light. You can very well imagine how you would feel if someone gives you a beautiful bouquet or even some freshly picked flowers from the garden on your birthday or anniversary. It’s a sheer blessing. Flowers are the best gift that anyone can give to their special ones.
Having lots of conversation with my family -  I always make sure to take at least one hour to be with my family. I love it when my family members come together and talk over a cup of tea or coffee (Touchwood).
Trying different cuisines- I am not a very big foodie but I love trying new dishes. I love Chinese and I love it when I see those hot smoking sizzlers and noodles coming to  my table in my favourite restaurant.

Shopping – Being a girl, it’s my birthright to shop. I love shopping. One of the best things about my mother is that she always encourages me to buy new stuffs. I feel good when I buy a new dress or bag or shoe or accessories or even BOOKS.. I love books. More than reading, I love collecting books. My dream is to have a mini library at my home where I could flaunt all the books.

 Happiness of getting salary- It’s the best feeling on Earth, when your salary is credited to your bank account. Every month when I see this message in my mobile, I feel independent and confident.  
When my books got published- It was a wonderful feeling for me when I saw my first story got published.  Being a writer was at the top of my bucket list and to see my name on a book cover has really motivated me to write more. 

Lots of Appreciations-  I am the one who always crave for encouragement and appreciation. When I do something whether it is writing or even a household chore and someone appreciates me for my work, it is a delight for me.  It really motivates me to do more.

There are many things in this world which can totally turn me on. It will take a full day (may be more than that) to think about those things. I love it when I help others.   Dogs are the real stress busters for me. I love it when I hear positive news even if it is not related to me.  It makes me feel that life is full of beautiful things.  Music touches my soul.  I love it when I finish the task in time which I have planned before. I love sleeping as well and dreaming makes me keep going.
And I can write on and on...

 Thanks Nikita... You made my day... Love you always!!!



  1. Love You More Sonali <3 <3

    Stay Happy ALWAYS

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