Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Those Were The Days

N.S. Ravi belongs to that genre of authors who have seen the Country grow from the post Independence period.  He is a keen observer who has witnessed the changes brought about in various fields due to technological advancements.  It is fascinating to watch that what sort of effect technological advancement has realized in the ways of life of the individuals, be it in the territory of avionics , train travel or methods of surface transport.
Apart from the up gradation of the means of transportation, technology has also left its mark on the communication systems. It is a well known fact that after the internet was introduced; it has brought about a kind of revolution in the telecommunication sector. Technology has also led a huge impact in the area of entertainment. The initial 35mm films screened in a yester years have been replaced by Cinemascope films; black and white has transformed to coloured films and the special effects is now an industry in itself.  Talking about entertainment, one cannot forget the impact television has brought about in every Indian home.  With the   dish antennas, the TV channels are now accessible in the remotest parts of the Country
. The author has additionally secured numerous different viewpoints experienced by him over a span of time on the subjects of Music, Astrology, Banks, property, Pets and some more.

The principle goal of the author is to illuminate the present era on how India has advanced over duration of time in distinctive ranges. He has overseen extremely well to give an educative as well as revealing message to the youth of the Nation about slow however unfaltering advance the Country has made over the ages in each field. Consequently, He needs every youth to be mindful about the marvellous development the Country so that they feel proud to be an Indian.


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