Sunday, 1 November 2015

5 things that can be done to keep a baby’s soft skin safe

The day my daughter was born I promised her to be with her all the time.  There are huge sentiments attached with my daughter.  Being a parent is a huge responsibility and the responsibility starts from the day your child is born. As a mother, I had to understand when she is uncomfortable, when she is hungry, things that make her happy, things which she doesn’t like and so on. Apart from all these things, I have made sure that she feels comfortable all the time. Her soft and delicate skin should not get harmed by any rough thing.
Here are the best five things which can be done to keep your baby’s skin soft:
1.       Make sure that you massage your baby- To begin, pour few drops of a good quality baby massage  oil or lotion into your warm hands and start rubbing the soles of your baby’s  feet. Use a firm, delicate, moderate strokes from the heel towards the toes. Continuously keep one hand on your baby while massaging. A few children may be delicate to a few oils , use the one which suits your baby.
2.       Use a good quality diapers- always make sure that you use a high quality diapers for your baby. Diapers like pampers are the best for your child. It protects their delicate skin and help prevent any rashes or other problem.
3.       Use soft clothes and towels- Its every mother’s dream to buy beautiful dresses for your newly born daughter. However, sometimes we forget that the material of the clothes which you are buying can affect your child’s skin. Try to buy cotton and soft clothes instead of synthetic clothes. It is good to dress your child like a doll but don’t forget its comfort.
4.       Protect your baby from harmful sun rays- Sunburn can bring about torment, fever, and parchedness. And it can also cause   melanoma (the most fatal sort of skin malignancy) and also wrinkles as your baby grows up.  Keep your child totally out of the sun however much as could be expected before 6 months of age. When you go outside, be especially watchful in the early months about taking all the accompanying precautionary measures.
5.       Use chemical free products for your baby- It is essential to   protect your baby’s skin from harmful chemicals.  Your child’s skin is sensitive. Make sure, you use those products which are 100% natural. There are many home made remedies to protect your child’s skin. It is always better to check the ingredients of the product before buying it. The medicines, cream , oil and any other baby product need to be checked.    Your baby’s skin s more sensitive than you. Don’t use the same product on your baby which you use on yourself.  

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