Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sondesh Recipe

Being a Bengali , I love sweets. bengalis are crazy about sweets and that is the only reason , you will find lots of sweets in the Bengali Cuisines. They always have a sweet tooth. We are known for our yummy, lips smacking , delicious sweets. Whether it is Mishti Doi or Sondesh, each and every sweet are irresistible.   In every occasion, you will find Bengali sweets. 
Out of all the toothsome sweets which my mother prepares every year, what I love the most are    Sondesh and coconut Ladoos. 
So, The recipe for the first sweet that  I am writing  is cottage cheese fudge popularly known as Bengali Sondesh.  Sondesh is loved by everyone. It tastes great and are not too heavy.  It is   the most loved sweets by Bengalis,  especially during Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Lokhi Puja.   You can look for varieties of Sondeshes  such as  Plain Sondesh, Khejur Gur Sondesh.
Here is the recipe of Khejur Gur Sondesh also known as Cottage Cheese Fudge.
Things you will need for making this mouth watering Bengali Dessert are:
Milk- 1 Kg
Lemon Juice-  1
Sugarfree Natura/ Pathali Gur Powder-  1 cup
Dry rice powder- 2  table spoons
Chopped pista and Kishmish for Garnishing.
So Let’s begin the cooking!
1.       Take a pan and boil the milk. Squeeze  some lemon juice into it. After a while take a cheese cloth on a strainer and strain all the excess water of the Chanaa . Run cold water over the Chanaa  to remove its sourness.  Make sure you Squeeze all the excess water . After that, hang the cheese cloth along with the chanaa  to remove the remaining excess water for about 5 to 6 hours.
2.       Now take a plate and mash the chanaa  to make it smooth.
3.       Add the Sugar free Natura or Pathali Gur powder to the chanaa.( If you do not have Pathali Gur powder, use Sugar Free Natura instead of sugar. It is healthier and safer.)
4.       Heat the pan and add the mixture till it get fully cooked and become soft.
5.    Now take the warm chanaa immediately out of the pan
6.       Shape the chana in moulds. There are many beautiful moulds available in the market. Get one! if you are creative enough then make your own shapes and designs. 
7.       Serve it cold.
 This is the easiest recipe which I have shared. Anyone can easily make this wonderful dessert. It is perfect for all the occasions.  Always  remember, cooking is an art. Whenever you cook, do not forget to be creative and enjoy it!


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