Sunday, 10 January 2016

Its Blissful for My Soul

Ok.. So let me confess one thing here. Today when I thought of writing something on my blog, I got plain blank. I know I have been away from my blogging world for a long time. Perhaps, this is the reason I am unable to write anything. I miss those days when I would write endlessly here. Blogging was my passion   is my passion and it will continue to be priority. 
I never thought my life would be so hectic. So I finally got what I wanted. Being a teacher is the best thing in the world. I think it is one of the most noble professions. I never thought I would be given so much of responsibility at work. It feels great when you are given so much of responsibility apart from teaching. I was assigned with the huge duty of editing the school magazine. I was included in the team of compering any school function. My students love me as their English teacher. There are a lot of things I discovered about myself. I need to be more patient with small kids. I should learn to be diplomatic. There is no place for emotions at your work place. Either you dominate others or get dominated by others. Life is good when all your wishes come true. Last December, I had a whale of time. I professional and personal life were just perfect. I didn't want anything else. I was working not only as a teacher but also as a content writer. I  met some of the people who have a beautiful heart. 
Now, as I step into 2016, I have many hopes and wishes. I realized a great thing about me. I am not meant for any conventional job and that is the reason I am getting bored of teaching. Now I want to explore more opportunities. My goal is to earn well so that I can shop well. Oh yeah! How can I forget about shopping!! Shopping is the thing which always lift my spirits high. I never get bored of shopping. Especially when I am paying my own bills. I love saving but I believe in fulfilling dreams and enjoying every moment which cannot be possible without spending. Last year went off amazingly well. I uncover plethora of facets of me. 
Getting a compliment keeps me going. I get a rush of energy from somewhere. The most amazing compliment someone gave me is that I am a jack of all trades. This really made my day. It is something very unique and special for me.
So today, as I gather all my desires and experiences. I have realized that it is time to bid goodbye to my school and explore some great opportunities. I would continue my content writing job and focus on my bucket list. I will try to be more feisty and poise. 
so its a cameo of my life in 2015 so far! Now I can go on and on.. Isn't it unusual, few minutes back, i was falling short of words and now emotions are overflowing from my heart. That is the power of writing! Its really blissful for my soul.

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