Friday, 10 June 2016

De retour après un âge

It was a long interval for me from this blog. I was extremely busy with my real life chores but trust me everyday I would think of my blog and missed those pleasurable moments of writing posts and expressing my heart. 
This life has become a mundane. In this contrived life of mine, I could find peace.  Yes , there were many ups and downs in my life and I am still dealing with these set of affairs. But in between, I discovered some great treasures. I discovered True Love, I discovered Peace, I discovered what does a job satisfaction actual mean...above all these, I discovered my inner self. I believe , it requires ages to discover oneself . By God's grace, I obtained my true self. 
I am happy as well as sad
I am excited as well as nervous
I am looking forward to a new life but at the same time I have already started missing my present life.
A spate of emotions have hit me.... 
Life is really a peculiar thing... It has its amazing ways of teaching new lessons which you cannot find in books...Whatever  it is, I trust my life and i trust God!
In the last few years , I could feel a close connection with God. I could actually feel that God is listening to my prayers and taking care of me. 
If God is with me, it does not mean that he would fulfill my every unreasonable demand but he would love to see me happy and content with this life and I know he would definitely support me in my right decisions.  
Life is good because I have my love beside me and God is with us... :)

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