Sunday, 12 June 2016

Goa in my Soul

Now it’s time for me to be happy and why not, after all I have just experienced a pure bliss. Having some blissful moments with my loved ones is a matter of luck. Sitting by the ocean, gazing the beautiful blue sky, sharing beautiful moments with the love of my life, seeing my family relishing each other’s companies is something only lucky ones get to experience. I was lucky because I was at the land of heaven and peace.. I was in Goa... It was not the first time that I have been there, I have been there quite a lot times, but this time it was really special because my love was beside me.  It was a fairytale holiday for me.. The plan for Goa was made spontaneously. Our flight tickets our booked, hotels were booked in advanced and we were counting days to see each other in Goa.
Each time we plan our holiday, we decide in advance, where to travel, find out all the finest restaurants to dine and visit the famous spots. However , this time Goa was no new to us. We wanted to see something different, something which we had not discovered before.

Day 1 in Goa was spent by visiting a Spice Garden. Spice Garden is a place where one can find common as well as uncommon herbs and spices. There you can have lunch and snacks. They would welcome the guests with a lemon tea without milk and sugar. The guide will educate you about the garden... Oh well, honestly, herbs and spices didn’t interest me, I was hungry and craving for authentic Goan cuisine. After a long walk for an hour , we had lunch which was in buffet. The food was ok.  One could have free bananas which they hand at the entrance.

After spending some time (a few boring hours with herbs and spices) it was a huge relief to see the beach. After all , it would be silly of  someone to come to Goa and not visit the Beaches. Beaches in Goa are extremely beautiful. Also, tried water scooter.

Day 2 in Goa was a dream come true holiday. I was with him.. spending hours and hours at the beach, playing with sand, sharing some good time at the pool was amazingly beautiful. I never wanted that day to end. We went for a dinner late night at 10 Downing Street, a great restaurant with good food. After dinner , we decided to have a walk at the Baga beach. Beaches in Goa are more vibrant and happening in nights. 

Day 3 Next day we went to Martin’s Corner, a very old restaurants , with pictures of  a lot of celebrities... The interior was awesome and food was delicious. The beach near the restaurant was quite secluded.  Loved the ambiance and everything.

Day 4... we had few hours left in Goa... We decided to go for a ferry ride and finally we stopped at the restaurant where we could try some authentic Goan cuisine.
Goa was beautiful and one of the most beautiful things in Goa was our resort.  It was a huge resort with comfortable bedrooms, beautiful interiors, widely spread Garden and a private beach. The pool was awesome.

I am cutting this article short because I can write on and on about this heavenly place. 


  1. Lovely pictures <3 and wonderfully written :) Honest and Straightforward

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