Tuesday, 14 June 2016

It's time to Start Slapping People

What the hell is wrong with the people nowadays? Why can't people live in harmony? Why one man is trying to suppress another? Where the world is heading?
All these questions are  dragging me toward that deepest melancholy... I would not have let these things affect me if it was not so personal. But I guess I again encountered with some evils.
Yes I am angry and I have been thinking ways to take out my anger. Then I thought what better way it could be than to vent out my emotions here.
so these two people are really getting on my nerves. I wonder how can someone be so insecure and negative that they see negativity all around. These are the type of people who can never be happy in life. No matter, how good is the situation, these kind of creatures will always manage to find out bad in every good.
Is it worth thinking about them? Well , actually It's not worth but I cannot help it! Their negativity is affecting me and my loved ones. I have a goal to achieve in life and they are trying their best to make me fail in achieving my aim. I am not weak, I am fighting and I will fight till my last breath to get what I want.
I believe in God, my God has helped me many times. I know God is with me and I also know that when my God is with me, their negativity cannot affect me. It is just a time testing. We are sailing through this storm and I know , soon we will reach our destination.
I just want these two people out of my mind, out of my life. I know I can't let them out of my mind just like that because if I let them out then I have to forget my aim. This I won't let it happen.
I used to believe that hatred will lead you nowhere. It's a strong word. We should not hate anyone or anything. No one deserves to  be hated but I guess , I have to mold my thinking. I have no shame saying that I hate these two people...They have lost my respect. They are bad.. They are evil. They are negative!!! I do not want such kind of negativity around me.
I wish I could get rid of them!!!!

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  1. Think about the good things that still exist in your Life. The more you pay attention to the Bad , the more it will grow.

    Count your blessings. Give away love. Visualize Happiness


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