Saturday, 20 August 2016

I am a Dreamer

Dreams are those little positive thoughts which make people worth living! Without imaginations or dreams, we would become a lifeless soul. There would be no expectations or excitements if we don’t dream. I love dreaming a lot and not just dreaming but I try to make my dreams turn into reality.
Life is a tedious process; it is my dreams that keep me alive and motivated. When Blogadda came up with this post, I jumped up with joy. A spree of emotions and memories started hitting my mind. My dreams have made me what I am today!
Let me start from my school days, I remember when I was in Grade Four. I was an average student and my friends were really brighter than me. I always would feel inferior when they would get good grades. I could clearly see my teachers would put me down in the class and at the same time used to praise and appreciate them a lot. This had shattered my confidence. I always used to weep a lot after coming from school. The behaviour of my teachers made me started hating school. I lost all the respect for them.
I would write all my thoughts in my journal. One day my parents read my journal.  They were shocked at the same time surprised to read my diary. Shocked as they didn’t know about my teacher’s behaviour with me and surprised as they saw my feelings and emotions in the form of Poetry.
They never knew I had a talent to play with words. That day, my parents made me realize that no one can make you feel inferior without my permission. They boosted my confidence by saying that each child is special and so am I. They made me realised my worth and my talent of weaving beautiful poems and stories. That time I had set a goal to be a writer, not just a writer but to motivate everyone with my writings.
There was a poetry competition in my school after a few months. When my teachers discouraged me and refrained me from taking part in the competition, my parents motivated me and supported me. Yes, I was nervous but I wanted to fulfil my dream.
I knew that I would win the competition. The confidence and faith in me made me won the competition. I could see the realization of my teachers on their face. That day, as a kid, I achieved my first dream and I perused my dream and made myself an established poet and author now.
I am a teacher by profession and instead of discouraging my students who are not faring well in academics, I help them, motivate them, make them find their dream and encourage them to achieve their dreams.
PS- Here is my poem which won the first prize in the competition-
 Don't put me down
No one has the right to make me frown
so what if i am not blessed with intelligence
All i need is your support and guidance.

I am also going through the same phase
where we are all in a learning stage.
Your duty is to help and encourage us in the process
Not to hate and defame us with stress.

You should not forget that everyone is special
Every child is God's little angel
Treat them the way you treat Your own children
and help them achieve their dream without any hindrance.

You are considered next to mother and God
For lighting our path with knowledge and not with our flaw.
We just need some love and respect from thou
And we promise to keep you in our heart and love you.

 “I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”


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