Saturday, 13 August 2016

My Nation in 2050

 India, It is the Country which carries its culture in the heart and soul of the people. It is a Country where one can find the different facets of people. It is a Country where the fabric of its culture is woven with customs and traditions.
The Country has given birth to many legends and freedom fighters who has made some drastic changes for the development of the County. Just when the Britishers left India, the Country was economically and financially weak. With great dedication, patriotism and hard work the Indians, the Country has changed from a developing Country to a highly developed Country.
India has been going through many phases. The Country has seen many Ups and downs. If we open the history books of India, it will take years to go into the depth of our Country.
India with its people has come a long way. Be it in the field of Economy or politically, there have been many changes in our Country and each change is taking our Country one step closer the most developed nation.
Now, we have come to a point where we salute our Country with proud hearts for celebrating 70 years of Independence.  
It’s time to think about future, move forward, plan new things for the development of the nation. It’s high time that we should all come together to do something to help our Country grow. I am an Indian and it is my moral duty to give my heart and soul to the nation. Let us join our hands to make a better India. We can only do that if we start planning for the future of our nation. So here I am, imagining a better nation in the coming years.
Let us just imagine, how we want our nation to be in the long term, say in the year 2050. 2050 is quite a long period. There will be lot of changes in the nation. I always imagine some positive changes in our nation in the following sphere:
Social and Cultural Changes- No doubt, our Country is blessed with different culture and customs but we need to learn to respect other culture and religion. I imagine a Country where there will be no discrimination on the basis of cast and religion. People are free to follow any culture or religion.
Secondly, I want my fellow citizens to be open minded and not to keep any blind faith in any tradition. 
Our Country has progressed considerably, one of the main reasons for this development of our nation is the woman of our Country. If we dig into our past and take a look at our present scenarios, women of our nation has achieved huge success in every field. They are no less than anyone. However, there are still some group of societies  who disrespect and ill treat women. Whether its personally or professionally, some women of our nation are not encouraged to rise or achieve their dreams. Despite of us achieving independence long back, some women are still struggling for their rights and independence. I want 2050 to be the year, where there will be no gender discrimination and we all be independent and confident in an actual manner. Women will be able to walk on the streets of the Country freely anytime.  
Economical, political and Technological Changes- Our country has been progressing rapidly economically. There has also been modernization in technology. Once we used to go to our local markets for making a STD call, now we can do video call from our home. I wish that our Country make such great developments in technology and in economy.  I want a Country in 2050 where there will be no unemployment. I wish to see a Country with 100% literacy and everyone pursuing their dream job. Where there would be no inequalities in income and reduction in poverty line. I want a Country where each man is able to satisfy his basic needs.
Apart from the economical and technological changes, I wish to see a Country where each person is devoted wholeheartedly towards its nation. Where there will be people who work sincerely for the progress of the nation.
India is climbing steps towards progression. By 2050, I am sure, India will attain all its policies such as Swach Bharat Abhiyan. I imagine a clean India where people will respect the public property and keep our Country clean. There are many such policies for the urban and rural development of the Country. Government is striving to make India , one of the smart Country. These smart city projects will help  in fulfilling the basic needs of the citizens of the Country. In 2050, there will be more facilities available for disposer of waste, more availability of water , less pollution as there will be more public transport facilities. This will also help in reducing pollution.  
There would be proper sanitary facilities for men and women. There will be an end to open defecation. This will also help in controlling many epidemics.
Our Government is trying to interlink the river which would help in for internal development. By 2050, these rivers will successfully interlink with each other. This will help in generating more employment, controlling floods, improving agriculture.

Lastly, I imagine a Country where we see people with open minds, modern thinking and positive outlook. Where there be no suicides or depression due to stress, where a person is free to dream for its future and achieve it without any struggles, where there will be communal harmony, where there will be boundless love and respect for each other.

 This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. Cleanliness is something we need really bad in India.Thanks for sharing your ideas Shonali!

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