Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Book Review: Khan VS Kahn VS Kanh

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In his first book,’ Those Were the Days ‘NS Ravi rekindled nostalgia in his readers through reminiscence of gadgets and devices of yester years. It helped the reader to connect with the past and appreciate the technological developments in different spheres since then which has  impacted our lives phenomenally.
In his latest book Khan Vs Kahn Vs Kanh, we see a new facet of this talented author. In his maiden attempt at fiction he has successfully emerged as a master story teller. NS Ravi is a person who has seen the World from close quarters.   This time the author has delved into the Bollywood  film industry as the basis for his narration. On reading the book, it is evident that the author has been a keen observer of the rudiments of the film industry. The intricacies of the film industry, the real life of the film personalities have been portrayed in a very plausible manner by the author. The fact that the success of the established stars  has not been a cakewalk but achieved after long years of struggle, failures and hard work is not lost on the author.   His lucid description of the characters and the simple but captivating style of narration bring to life  the characters in the book.
The book begins with the history of the Indian Film Industry with which many readers may not be aware of.  The plot revolves around the three top film super stars having similar sounding surnames who have been ruling the roost for the last two decades in Bollywood. The story brings out how success at times adversely affects minds. The super inflated egos of the three superstars does not have place enough to accommodate any one else at the pinnacle. This results in periodical clashes between the three in their race for one upmanship. The rivalry between the three superstars keeps getting uglier by the  day drawing in their respective family and friends as well. But as the saying goes whatever goes up must come down. One day things reach a tipping point resulting in their  nemesis when they offend another enigma of the film industry Baba Ram Karim. Baba Ram Karim is a revered personality of the Industry whose contribution to the Industry both financially and otherwise is well remembered. Apart from these main characters the book also brings to life several other characters associated with them.
                The plot of the story is woven around these personalities captivating the reader with the suspense built up. The story line has a magnetic effect on the reader goading him to read on and on till the very end. Though this is a work of fiction, it is not far removed from the happenings in Bollywood of which we heard and read every now and then. 

 The book has every potential for hitting the stands as a best seller and is therefore highly recommended.  
My Rating for the book 4/5 


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