Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Dear Life- You Rock

Dear Zindagi,
You have always been a great teacher. Thank you dear Life for making me what I am today, for believing in me, for making me strong enough to face any circumstances. Nobody knows me better than you and why not? After all we are inter connected. You lie within me and I lie within you. Thank you for keeping me in your heart.
You are my guardian, my friend, my teacher and my mentor. Thanks for bestowing me with this wonderful world. It is because of you I have come across some wonderful people in my life. You know me so well. You know my likes and dislikes. It is because of you, that I get strength to overcome any situations in life.
You are marvelous. There are many ups and downs. There are times when I do not feel good about you. There are times when I get demoralized towards you. However, you understand me so well and well aware of my nature. You are there to tolerate all my tantrums and anger. Whenever I am sad, you have blessed me with happiness.
I have learnt some extraordinary life lessons. I must say your lessons are amazing. You have a remarkable way of making us learn new things. If you had not taught me such lesson, I would have failed to move on.
My sweetest life, you are an angel sent by God. Thank you so much for fulfilling some of wishes. Thank you for making me believe in myself. I remember the days when I hated you but your love for me didn’t change. You are like my that best friend who never leaves my side. You know me inside out. I know I take you for granted sometimes but let me tell you one thing- I value you the most! You are a special gift to me sent by the Almighty.
Today it’s time to do something for you as well. You have given me so much and now it is my time to do my part of duty. In this letter, I am promising you that I will cherish you forever. No matter what is the circumstance, I will never lose faith in you. I will trust you as long as you are with me. I will try to spend the happiest moments with you.
I am expressing the gratitude towards you with this letter and I love you very much. You have given me more than I asked for! You have always pampered me and above all , I really love you for giving me a chance to be  a part of such as wonderful family.
At last, I would say, Please forgive me if I have hurt you or disrespected you. My heart is filled with happiness and tears of joy. I thought this is the best way to thank you and express my gratitude. Please be my side and keep blessing me with amazing people and things.
If you want me to learn something, please don’t be harsh! Just kidding! I know you are very soft and you also get hurt when I am hurt.
So my dear life, let us be friends forever and keep having wonderful moments together!
Love you Life

 “I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.


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