Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Friendship with Sea Animals

Colgate has always been my child’s favourite toothpaste and when he came to know about the magical boxes, my child could not control his excitement. Colgate has once again done a remarkable job by coming up with wonderful cover boxes to enhance children’s creativity.
The moment my child received the colgate hamper, he did not wait for a moment and started framing wonderful stories with the characters inside the boxes. Here is one of the stories I am writing which my child has woven with the cute characters of sea magic.
My child has always wanted to look into the underwater life. He was thrilled to see the sea magic and pirate ship characters. So here is the story written by my child:
“Once I went to the beach with family. All of a sudden, I lost my way and I did not find my parents. I was really very worried as I could not see my parents around. I looked here and there but failed to  find my family. Suddenly, I could hear a voice from the sea. I looked into the sea and found a little mermaid calling my name and asking me to come with her. I was surprised to see that cute mermaid as I had never seen a mermaid in life. I went with her to the sea. She asked me,” why are you crying?” I have lost my family, I said to the little mermaid.
“Oh, Do not worry.. You can spend time with us till your parents come and find you.”
I said Thank you to her.
I went the little mermaid. She introduced me to her tiny sea friends. There was a crab, a sea horse, a cute looking fish and some other sea animals. They gave me food to eat. They were all happy to see me. We all danced and partied all night. We even played lot of games.
They told me something to which I was shocked. They were happily living in their world but all of a sudden, their home is getting dirty and their friends are falling sick because of the waste material thrown to the sea by humans.
I felt bad for those tiny creatures. I promised them that I would tell other humans to not to throw waste into the sea.
Next day, my parents found me. I was happy to found my parents back. I narrated everything to my parents. When I went to my school, I told my friends not to pollute the sea as animals who live in sea are our friends. We should not destroy our homes.”

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